Who am I

Fourones Clothing is Based out of Canton, Ohio United States of America. I Started this brand in 2021 as a way to inspire people to stay hopeful during the pandemic.  

   You are probably asking "what or who is C.Priest Fourones?" To answer that question. C.Priest is my stage name when performing music. Fourones pronounced (Four-ones) is the name of my clothing brand "Fourones Clothing".

 Thus, the reason why there are two side of the website. One page for music and one for clothing.

What this brand represents

Fourones stands for the angel number 1111. The meaning of the number in a short explanation is law of attraction, a reminder to align your thoughts with your true self and manifest.

The mission for this brand is to provide inspiration for change and growth. We understand that the idea of change is terrifying to a lot of people. So, our mission is to inspire and motivate using art as a way to influence people to tap into the best version of themselves.